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The SIVD Video Player is currently being utilized by LM Production, see their testimonial below.


Back in 2004 when we first started our websites we allowed download of unencrypted video content, by about 2006 with arrival of tube sites they began stealing 2 to 5 videos at a time, posting them on tube sites, the stealing and illegal posting continued. By 2008 the stealing escalated to up to 10 videos, that increased to 20+ videos at a time. A lot of my content was posted on website and filesharing site that were hosted in foreign countries, I had to pay a small fortune to DMCA.com trying to get them removed. By 2010 the stealing was affecting my ability to produce new content, revenue had decreased dramatically.


I spent about $1500 implementing a streaming/flash video application. To my dismay, I found no increase in revenues or membership, the stealing had gotten worst. Browsing the net continually, I eventually began finding 50 to 80 of my scenes being illegally posted on forums, filesharing website and so-called blogs. The level of content theft and copyright infringement had become intolerable. I had no choice but to implement the SIDV Player application or (being a relativelysmall concern) shut the site down.


We have not found any instances of Content Theft/Piracy or Copyright infringement of our newly uploaded video content since the SIVD Player was implemented five months ago. There was a slight migration of members, mainly those interested in stealing video content. The members who complained about the player are mostly members (malicious users) who recorded copy attempts (in most cases attempts at content theft). We were able to identify and blocked them from the website.


I was astounded by the number of malicious users we had, how did I distinguish them?. They were either blocked due to attempted theft or simply left the website, without even viewing the new secured content. This confirmed that they had no interest in even watching the video content, only copying the content, so the SIVD Player discourages malicious users. We did maintain and increased our good members who are now using the player. I am quite happy with the SIVD Player and its encrypted video system. Without the SIVD Player we would not be in business and making a profit today.


LM Production (Lex. M)



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