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SIVD Support


User support:

SIVD Player needs very little support if the user reads understands and adhere to the rules instructions. However, in today’s environment, users will routinely attempt to copy/steal the video content being delivered by the SIVD Player. They might be deceptive as to their actions while attempting to break the system.


Some users never bother to read instruction carefully and might experience problems using the player, if they ignore the rules and terms of use. This is where SIVD Player user support will be required, we can provide such support on a negotiated fee basis, we can also help in developing policies regarding malicuous or perceived malicious users. The cost of user support pays for itself over time as malicious users are denied access and therefore the ability to illegally distribute your content. 


SIVD user support enquires in the US can be directed to P. May at his email support@sivdsystems.com.



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