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Piracy, Content Theft and Copyright Infringement


Stolen (Pirated) video content is being uploaded on a daily basis to many foreign websites whose owners simply refuse to acknowledge DMCA copyright laws. In which case you might end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to remove just one video. Even then, there is no gurantee the content will be removed, DMCA.com can confirm this. So, UNENCRYPTED DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT and FLASH/STREAMING VIDEOS contributes a great deal to the availability of free video content on the internet. Years ago adult video content was accessible mainly to adults who could purchase membership to a website. Now, any underage individual can actively access adult content freely, due the proliferation of blogs, forums, tube sites and filesharing websites.


Very few producers can keep up with providing new content to the public the way these websites do. Legitimate businesses suffer a reduction in membership and therefore a significant decline in revenues. Indeed some website inadvertently place ads on the very tube site that is actively pirating their content, thus contributing to their own possible demise. Many websites that traffic in stolen video content will voluntarily remove the content if sent a DMCA removal notice, these are mostly American based website.



If the issues discussed relates to your company or website, please consider the implementation

of a Secure Internet Video Delivery Software, the SIVD Video Player is that software. Be sure to read the SIVD Player Information Sheet (see link at the bottom of this page) which describes the Video Player, its function and the various features offered. Many features can be tailored to your specific need.


We not only market the SIVD Video Player we also provide training and support for the product.




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