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SIVD Video Player Information Sheet


The SIVD Video Player is a Windows based software that plays encrypted video files, the supported file formats are .mpn, .mpx or .mpy format. These formats are encrypted versions of mp4 and avi formats.


General Features of SIVD Player

Control over Users: An end user/client can view a video only if he has been granted membership/online approval by the Content Administrator. Administrators have a very fine degree of control over their video content. They can set expiry date on a client’s membership (access to video content).



Unique Encryption:

Each video is encrypted differently. This provides extra security when it comes to reverse engineering attempts. Videos can be encrypted individually, as a package or universally.


Video Encryption in Packages (The Pay-Per-Package model);

Videos can be encrypted for a category of membership to a website. For example you could have a premium membership, regular membership and a trial membership. Video with a particular encryption code can be distinguished and accessed only for that membership category. So a member who pays say $5.99 for a trial membership will only have access to a particular category of videos. He can therefore only request access to trial membership videos (videos requested would have to be in the "trial membership" category to be approved). Your biller would have to offer a price appropriate to the respective packages. It is recommended that a manual approval of registrations be employed.


Universal Video Encryption;

Videos can be encrypted using one common encryption code, this is ideal for paysites that has one member area. With this type of encryption a member has access to the entire library of videos with a single registration. (Registrations can be approved automatically or manually). Automatic approval is recommended for this type of encryption, auto-approval can easily be integrated with CCBill. This means an individual is automatically approved for access to your video library once they join your website. We can also accomodate other billers.


Individual Video Encryption;

Videos can be individually encrypted using a different code for each video. This is ideal for websites or businesses that offer individual videos at a particular price. A members registration would give him access to just the video he signed up for. Great for cascading price specials on individual videos. A manual approval would be appropriate.


Anti-Screen Capture/Recording:

SIVD Player is secured against screen capturing, the Achilles heel of all flash/streaming video content. If a user tries to perform a video recording/capture, the SIVD Player detects it at the earliest, covers the video with a warning message. Although the audio continues to play, the video cannot be seen until the user stops the recording software. SIDV Player can also completely abort the process. A user is allowed a maximum of three such attempts before the play is abandoned. (The number of attempts is customizable)


User Blacklisting:

A user who attempts screen capture can be blacklisted for any further viewing. A blacklisted user can be given a fresh lease of life only by the Administrator.


PC Binding:

A user can play videos only from the PC where he got himself registered. So the video content becomes non-transferable.


LAN Support:

The most compelling feature of this software is that it can be run from a PC that does not have a direct access to internet. This is ideal for use in schools/colleges where PCs are available on a LAN. Video content can be placed at one centralized server, and an unlimited number of clients can view them. An excellent feature for tutor related software.


C++ Based:

The SIVD Secure Video Player application is based entirely on C++ and as such is tensile and free from usual problems of .NET/Java based applications. It starts almost instantly.  


Single Click Installation:

The SIVD Player is a small set up that gets installed with just a single click. As per our experience, even a novice can install it without any hassle.  


OS Support:

SIVD Player and SyAdmin are supported only over the Windows based PCs that are running on Windows XP, SP2, or later versions.  


Initial Set-Up :

During the initial phase of setup, some video content might need to be converted, as the software only encrypts MP4 files. We can do all your video convertion, compression, encryption and troubleshooting documentation and hand the completed system back to you. There is a charge for this, depending on the number of videos to be converted and encrypted. MP4 videos do not have to be converted, however depending on the size of the file compression might be necessary for quicker file access. We have a recommended maximum file size for the least waiting time. (As in waiting for the player to start playing)



User support:

SIVD Video Player needs very little support if the user reads, understands and adhere to the instructions on the use of the player. However, in today’s environment, users will routinely attempt to steal the video content being delivered by SIVD Player. Commonly, users never bother to read instruction carefully and might experience problems using the player if they ignore the rules and terms of use.

This is where SIVD Player user support will be required, you can provide your own in-house user support or we can provide such support on a negotiated fee basis. The cost of user support pays for itself over time as malicious users are denied access and the ability to illegally distribute your product. 


Preliminary Statistics on the Effectiveness of SIVD Video Player :

There is available, a list of videos watched by a particular user along with the IST time and the IP of the PC from which that video was watched. This can be used to track malicious users or users who deceptively claim not to have access to video content.


Reports Available:

An Administrator has online access to the complete list of his videos that are in circulation in the market. A video log is available that contains a list of users who have watched a particular video or video package along with its IST time, by clicking on a user, a list of all videos viewed by that user can be seen. Any attempts at a screen capture will also be shown.


A list of videos watched by a particular user along with its IST time and the IP of the PC from which that video was watched. This can be used to track stolen video files and malicious users.


 Administrators can also get a report listing the most watch videos and video packages.


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