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Flash/Streaming Video, Unencrypted Content and Internet Piracy

There are software developers that actively encourage piracy. Websites such as GetFlv.net actually provide a list of websites with vulnerable flash/streaming video content and provide a software that easily copy streaming/flash video content from these websites (the SIVD Video Player easily defeats this program). Very often the stolen content ends up on various tube sites for free viewing or file sharing website for free download. There are thousands of tube sites and filesharing sites that actively traffic in stolen flash video and unencrypted downloadable content, so called forums and blogs provide access to filesharing website by posting hundreds of link to the pirated content. They are simply a vehicles that facilitate internet piracy, most filesharing website charge a membership fee, so your content is being sold and huge profits are being made without your consent. Many users who originally purchased membership to legitimate websites, now pay a measly $2.00 - $12.00 for membership to a filesharing site where they can do a search and access thousands of hours of video content, thats is being illegally uploaded to these filesharing sites.


Hence membership to legitimate websites decline while owners of filesharing sites reap huge profits. This type of piracy led to an arrest of the owner of a filesharing website (Megaupload) in 2012, this owner was living the life of a millionaire. Megaupload has since been replaced by numerous other filesharing websites, most are outside US jurisdiction and do not comply with US laws.


Many tube sites feature stolen flash videos that are uploaded on a daily basis, they contain thousands of pages with hundreds of stolen flash videos (per page). Some are illegally uploaded unencrypted video content, (downloaded legally then illegally uploaded). Despite never spending a penny producing a minute of footage, these tube sites reap huge profits in advertising dollars. Even more money is made in premium membership fees which allows the general public to illegally downloaded stolen content.



There are also hundreds maybe thousands of music videos being pirated on a daily basis. Filesharing websites traffic in stolen or illegally uploaded MP3 music files and music videos delivered in flash format. Artist and producers never see a dime from these pirated videos and mp3 files. Whether you are a personal trainer, a flight instuctor, a tutor or any business that delivers it product via flash or streaming videos on a website, the profits from these videos can be the lifeblood of your business. Any piracy of your product can significantly affect your bottom line and therefore your ability to stay viable. Many music artist and other professionals should have a secure member section on their website where new or recent videos can be made available by subscription, only samples should be widely available for free (why give your business to Youtube).


The key to protecting your video content is twofold, video encryption and severly restricting the user's ability to copy your video content while its displayed on their computer screen. It is with this in mind that the SIVD Player was developed, the SIVD Player can protect any content delivered in flash video or MP4 format, in fact any format that can be converted to MP4, this includes music video, tutor videos, documentaries, instructional videos, etc.



We have researched many companies and track their new video releases, we found that within a few days subsequent to release, their product was invariably made available on the internet for free viewing. If you own a company or website that releases new downloadable content in Flash, Streaming or Unencrypted video format. Simply check the network of tube sites, blogs, forums and file-sharing sites the next day or so after release, I can almost gurantee your new content will be made available to thousands of web users for free.


These users represent potential customers that you have lost, hence, lost revenues. It is a sensible idea to release new products in a protected video format, this lessens the likehood of piracy, increases revenue and attracts more new customers. Consider implementing the secure SIVD Player System. The information sheet (link below) will briefly describe the SIVD Video Player, its function and the various features offered which can be tailored to your specific need. We not only market the SIVD Player we also provide initial setup, training and support for the product.



Information Sheet