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Thank you for visiting our website, we will introduce you to the products and services offered by SIVD Systems. We offer the only video player that prevent users from stealing your video content.


SIVD Systems is one of the leading companies currently providing marketing, development and support for Secure Internet Video Delivery Software. We offer the latest secure Smart Video Player (SIVD Player) which is designed to prevent Content Theft, Copyright Violation and general piracy of video content. CONTENT THEFT, INTERNET PIRACY and COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH...FIGHT IT!!!. Before developing any website application offering vulnerable Streaming/Flash videos or Unencrypted downloadable video content, consult us. If not, all your video content might be distributed across the internet before you know it. All existing VOD and Pay-Per-View web applications are vulnerable to content theft. If you have a website that provides video content and you are not using the SIVD Video Player System, whenever your video is displayed on a user's computer screen, it can easily be stolen. Movies delivered by companies such as NETFLIX can easily be recorded from a computer screen with free software. This type of oversight by many businesses and website owners contribute to the glut of free and illegally obtained material currently circulating on the internet. PROTECT YOUR CONTENT AND INCREASE YOUR PROFITS.

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Flash/Streaming Video (DRM), Unencrypted Video Content and Internet Piracy

There are a slew of programs available which can easily steal your premium streaming/flash videos (SIVD Player easily defeats these programs).


Some flash videos are DRM encoded however, once the video is displayed it can be copied, rendering DRM useless. Flash and Streaming videos are one of the most vulnerable method of video delivery on the internet. Internet pirates are well aware of this.

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Piracy, Content Theft and Copyright Infringement


Producers and website owners are now experiencing the frustration of browsing the internet on a daily basis to identify and remove their stolen video content. It could cost hundreds of dollars to try and get one video removed from a malicious website, even then there is no gurantee it will ever be removed.


If you have been experiencing a decline in membership on your website and a reduction in revenues over the past several years. Your content is available elsewhere on the internet, it is being downloaded for free and in the case of file-sharing websites, other individuals are reaping a huge profit from your work.

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SIVD Video Player and Video Encryptor Demos are available


SIVD Video Player Features

SIVD Player Information Sheet
SIVD is a Windows based software that plays encrypted video files, the supported file formats are .mpn, .mpx or .mpy format. These formats are encrypted versions of mp4 and avi formats.




SIVD Android App
An Android SIVD App is available. This allows users to register and watch videos using the SIVD Player from their Android phones. More information on the Android app will be available soon.

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